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My Chasity

My Chasity
The first day I met you, you were just six weeks old
I fell in love, your beauty to behold
A beautiful, fluffy, black and white kitten
One look at you and I was smitten
Big blue eyes and wild as could be

You ran from me, and I gave chase
Not knowing who would win this race
When you finally gave in
Somehow I knew I would win

Through the years we have had such a time
Our life together is but a rhyme
I love how you watch for me until I come home
Not far from the window would you roam

Or set on a stool while I take a shower
And cry like a baby for an hour
You didn't seem to understand why I liked to get wet
Your are so funny my wonderful pet

I am so glad that God gave you to me
My sweet little kitty Chasity
By Bonnie J. Lytle Smith
A Surrender to the Moon
A book of Poems
Published by the International Library of Poetry

Dear Sammy

This poem was written about my Mom and Dad and their cat "Sammy" He had loved them both, but especially my Mom.  I wrote this after my Mom passed away June 28, 1993

Dear Sammy

I know you waited for Mom and Dad

We used to see a shadow of you run across the hall

We didn't realize that you were waiting for them to come to your beck and call

They left us in 1990 and 1993

Now they are in Heaven with you

And there they are happy and free

I know in my heart that God let's all pets in

Even though they know no sin

He wanted us to have company while we are earth 

Just as he did back in the beginning of time

To give our lives meaning and rhyme

So now little friend, I am so glad you are there in Heaven with my Mom and Dad

One of the best pet's they ever had

I have had many pet's throughout the years and today one very special cat

And when it is her time to leave I do believe

I will find her waiting for me right there where you are at

God created Heaven for all mankind and our pets too

So, we who are left behind will be happy to know

Our loved one's have been joined in Heaven forever to be with you


January 2, 2008

By Bonnie J. Lytle Smith

My First Poem




A new poem

I climbed a Mountain for you today

I climbed a mountain for you today.  I didn’t know I would. I didn’t know until I started climbing upwards, that this climb would also be for me.  As I started walking along the path, my way became rough and treacherous. I walked over muddy spots that could make me slip and slide.  I walked over ruts, rocks and large roots that jutted in and out along the steep mountainside.  On one side of my path was a solid wall, fallen trees and shrubs that tumbled down beside me.  On the other side of the path I walked, there lay a sheer cliff of fallen trees and ferns that threatened my every step. Flowing down the mountainside in wandering great depth.  I crossed two small waterfalls that bubbled and churned across the road in front of me. I swatted at some insects and a bumblebee. Sometimes my path went winding steeply upward.  Then lurched downward, ever winding up and down.  I think, I would have stumbled if someone hadn’t handed me a stick that he had found.  As, I continued along my path, two young girls stopped and asked, if I would like to end my task and go back down with them.  I thought for a moment and then said, No! Going a little further would be no problem.  I had several people who were walking with me, behind me and in front. They were my support and encouragement as we walked along together.  Enjoying the many plants and ferns that lay or seemed to tether. When, I told the girls no, my friends let out a whoop and said, she is going to keep on going, and so are we.  I was scared and fearful as I continued on my journey, but this one thing I knew.  God was with me in every step and we were in no hurry.  Pressing onward and upward, until I came to where God wanted me to be.  As I rounded the last corner to where I was to see.  A big beautiful flowing waterfall spurting and spraying lustfully down the rocky mountainside.  I gasped with such amazement and glee at the sight in front of me.  Tears began to run down my face as I realized why, I was to walk this path today.  It made me stop and think of what you must be feeling, while on your knees you prayed for healing.  As you have trudged along your way, these last few weeks and months.  All must seem so treacherous and scary on the path that you have lead.  This could have been me instead. But, I see a man who is trusting, and secure in what God has said.  I can see you want to keep serving and marching on to victory in the winding road ahead.  As I thought about all these things I began to realize why, I had to climb this mountain.  It was for my Pastor, Pastor Dennis E. Fountain.

My tribute to a man I see, who is courageous and brave for his friends and family.         Romans 11:33            


By Bonnie J. Lytle Smith                                                     

July 1, 2011