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From "The kitty who lived on a Hill


 ISBN: 1442199326  This is a true story about a kitty that roamed the beautiful country hillside where he lived in a little brown and yellow house on the top of the hill.  A winding dirt road made its way up the hill and stopped abruptly along side the little house.

As Mr. Downing showed June and the children, his plans guess who was watching the most?  The kitty looked puzzled and a sudden sadness came over him.  His family was going to leave him.  He did not seem to understand what was happening around him when strange men began to work on the little house the next day. Salty became more fearful as he watched.......  Now on in book form and Kindle.  Happy Reading Bonnie J. Lytle Smith

Sunday's Best

ISBN:1-4241-6418-4 You can find Sunday's Best in all the bookstores. Barnes & Noble, Just ask for it by author Bonnie J.Lytle Smith and/or "Sunday's Best"  . You can order right from the publishing company at  or Happy Reading.

    It was Sunday, April 4, 1994,and the first time in a long time since Janie had been church, ever since her husband had died a year and a half ago. But now it sure felt good to be back again. she was enjoying the song service, as the choir sang and the congregation sang the old songs she loved to hear, it was like heaven to her ears.  She had missed singing and playing her tambourine.

    As Janie glance over the people singing in the choir, she caught the eye of a very attractive looking man who had been watching her.  He had light brown wavy hair, and she notice he was nicely dressed in a casual light blue shirt with dark blue Dockers. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

Janie couldn't wait until church was over. She had invited her sister, Tricia, her niece, Vivian, and four-year-old Toddy, Vivian's son, to church this morning.  After church was over they were all going to go to Walter Park, where the church had their annual Fourth of July picnic. Because it was their first time, they didn't have to bring anything to the potluck.."Just bring yourself," Janie's new friend Irene Long had said that morning after Sunday school. 
    During church, Philip and Janie sang in the choir and Janie played her tambourine to the beat of the patriotic music.  Janie had especially loved the song by Lee Greenwood, "God Bless the USA."