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                                                                                                                                                                               Hi!  My name is Bonnie J. Lytle Smith author of Sunday's Best published with March 12, 2007.


About the author:

I started writing as a teen. I took classes in high school and junior colleges. I started my first Children's book in the early 1970's. My first book "Sunday's Best" a Christian romance was published by Publish America in 2007. I have had two poems published with The International Society of Poetry "My Chasity" in 2005 and "Dear Children of Mine" 2008. "The Kitty who Lived on a Hill" was published in 2009 by I am putting the finishing touches on the sequel to "Sunday's Best" "Strong Bonds of Love"  I am the proud mother of 4 grown children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I have taught a Bible Study class for children each summer in my neighborhood. I am teaching a Bible Study class for adults in a Senior Assisted Living Home. I have taught Sunday School for all ages Toddlers-College for over 30 years. I am presently teaching Sunday School 4-6th grade at my church Grace Baptist Church of Dupont, WA. I have written three new poems that I hope to get published soon. " Father and Son", " I climbed a Mountain for you today" and "God you put me There"


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Strong Bonds of Love

The sequel to "Sunday's Best"

An excerpt from "Strong Bonds of Love" 

It was a beautiful spring morning in March when Janie received the call.  Janie and Philip were setting at the kitchen table having breakfast with little two-year-old Sarah.  Janie was watching Sarah put a spoonful of oatmeal into her little mouth when the phone rang.  Who is it Philip?  Janie said when Philip’s face looked so sad.  He wasn’t saying much to the caller, just listening and saying ah-ha, okay.  Setting down next to Janie he handed the phone to her, it is your sister Tricia she has some sad news to tell you.  Oh, all right Janie said timidly sounding afraid.  Pulling his chair closer to Janie’s he leaned over to give his support. 

I am just outside in the driveway, may I come in.  Of course you can come in sis “What is it?”  I’ll be right in Tricia said.  Philip rushed to open the door.  Can I get you a cup of coffee?  Yes, please I could sure use a cup thank you. Setting across the table Tricia began.  I just left Tom and Lori’s house. Lori had called me last night and asked if I could come over this morning.  When I arrived, Lori was in tears.  There is no easy way to say this, so I will come right to the point.  Tricia said with trembling in her voice.  Our brother has cancer and he only has a few months to live.  It is colon cancer and it has already spread too far into other vital organs.  Janie began to cry and then, Tricia began to cry.  Philip sat down again pulling a chair up next to Janie putting a loving arm around her, and giving Janie a fresh cup of coffee he said I am so sorry honey.  I know you and your brother Tom have always been close.  Yes, we have Janie said letting the tears flow willingly. 


Presenting "The Kitty who Lived on a Hill"

This is a true story about a kitty that roamed the beautiful country hillside where he lived in a little brown and yellow house on the top of the hill... Kitty enjoyed chasing the butterflies, grasshoppers, and little green frogs in the summertime or he would lie lazily on the many rocks to bask in the sun.

"Sunday's Best" You can get your copy of "Sunday's Best" at your on, Barnes and Noble, and more. "The Kitty who Live on a Hill" is on and and now also on Amazon's Kindle.  Order yours today. Thanks Bonnie J. Lytle Smith

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